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We have many different service contracts to available:

Monthly service is most often utilized by commercial customers.

This service will keep your place of business or residence pest free year round. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Bi-monthly service is a more economical choice for commercial customers.

We suggest this be the option chosen by any business that does not process food or have constant turn over of residents (motels, hotels, and apartment houses)

Quarterly service is the best choice for residential customers that have a rodent problem. This service brings us to you four times per year. One time during each spring, summer, and fall season to spray for bugs as needed and replenish the mouse bait in secure bait boxes and once during the winter to check on the mouse bait stations.

Tri-annual service does a great job of keeping your residence pest free.

We will visit you one time each spring, summer, and fall. 

Bi-annual service is our most economical residential service.

We will visit you each spring and again in the fall to take care of what ever pest problems you require.

One-time service is always available.

We are happy to be of service to your business or your family however we can be!​